Top 10 scams, tell a friend

  1. Investors luncheon scam: Victims are invited to a luncheon or seminar by promotions offering free lunch, gifts, investor education, free golf, and free getaways. Once you’re there, they will pressure you into basically handover your portfolio. Full Story
  2. Fake Lottery Scam: Congratulations you have won the lottery (usually in another country), all you have to do is pay the taxes upfront and you will have access to your money. You guessed it, odds are better of winning a real lottery than of hearing from them again. Full Story
  3. Fake check scam: You are to receive a check for services you provide or a room you have for rent. The check is from someones company who is paying for what your offering. You are to take out your fees and send them the rest via money order, western union,or wire. A couple days later the check comes up bad and your stuck with the bill. Full Story
  4. Nigeria 419 Scam: Help I need to get my money out of my country, give me your account number and access code and I will transfer my money into it. You are to get a healthy fee for this kind gesture, however instead of putting money into your account they wipe it out. Full Story
  5. Phishing Scams: Victims receive emails or phone calls allegedly form the consumers bank, ebay account, or credit card company asking for them to change their account information with them. When they give them the old account information and password they then have access to the account. Full Story
  6. Pump & Dump scam: Millions of emails are sent out with a tip to buy a certain stock that is not generally worth much. In the next few days millions of shares are sold and the price skyrockets, at which time the originator of the email gets out and those who bought high are drained when the stock drops. Full Story
  7. The Grandchild Scam: This dirty scam tricks seniors into believing that they are talking to their grandchild on the phone. After getting the senior to believe it is their grandchild they then ask them to financially help them out of a tough spot. But they ask them not to tell their mother so she wont get mad. Full Story
  8. Online car sale scam: A criminal lists a vehicle on an online auction. After accepting the bid the money is then to be wired to a shipping company, that is actually the scammers bank account. Money wires cannot be traced so the money is gone. Full Story
  9. Fake tax lien scam: This one really boils me because its main targets are elderly. Someone who claims to be from the IRS calls to inform you that you have an outstanding tax debt, and that there is now a lien on your house. Selling them the house minus the amount owed will clear them of all debt. This scam works because who wants to tell their friends and family that they are in trouble with the IRS.
  10. Charity scams: Scammers prey on peoples good nature and will ask you to donate to their charity. Their charity turns out to be their pocket books. Scammers will do or say anything to get your money, even by telling you that you are helping a little girl walk again. Full Story

Hi there, please send to your friends, family, and retirement communities in your area. We need to fight back. If you know of someone who needs a little more help you can look into our gift membership package.


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