Work from home scam’s, how low can they go?!!!

You see them all over the place on Craigslist, email spam, and even text messages (most recently for me). Claiming you can get rich by staying at home and doing very little. It goes back to the old saying if it seems too good do be true, it probably is. The low down is that many of these companies want you to first invest in a start up kit or give a franchise fee before you can start making money on your own. This should be your first indication of a SCAM. Or if not a full scam then a very shady way of doing business. On of the worst things about these scams is that they are preying on people who are already down on there luck and are searching for legitimate jobs. Let us not give them are emails, flag them on Craigslist, and make sure we unsubscribe any chance we get. Image