List of fraudeulant sites

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Bourbon Street Blues
Cajun Clickers
Destination Mails $
Dollar or
Girls Mails
Gold Donkey
Jurrasic Mails
Mighty-Mails npamail¹

These are money laundering sites to avoid:

Harvey Investment Company
Sydney Car Centre
Adamant Global
Next Level

Here is another great resource it is a scam forum


3 thoughts on “List of fraudeulant sites

  1. So very tru.

    I was recently scammed by who promised me a 800 page website. I paid my money and then they turned around and told me I had to pay a huge monthly hosting fee. The original sales page does not state having to pay any more than the asking price. Steer clear of this one. By the way they won’t refund neither.

  2. Hi, nasty little site huh? They look so liget and they no how to push our buttons. I will put out some feelers on this site and if I can find others who have been treated unfairly I will do an article and submit it to every social site I can find. If you do need a website I was able to get a reap professional one done by internet solutions for less. It is 500 for the site and 24.99 a month after, which includes his help each month and his marketing skills. I wanted to sell items I buy from India and he made me a beautiful site. Check it out its not being launched until wed. but you can see what a great deal for little money Also he is very nice and very personal. He understands we don’t know what the heck were doing and make it simple. I will try and keep you posted on what I find out more about 3500weekly and keep you posted, I am so tired of people taking advantage of us trusting types.

  3. Another possible scam is the Eurolottery. They say pay only $110 for a daily lottery to be shared over 6 weeks. I paid it because like everyone I also want to win. I would share a lottery with 65 others in a pool. However thats not where it ends. They phoned me from “Canada” to ask me to pay an additional $160 for a once off for 10 tickets for the Australian Lottery. And previously they phoned me and said I was the luckiest woman on earth because I had been chosen to participate in the Spanish Lottery and all I had to pay was $1000. Hello am I missing something here? To date I am yet to receive any documentation that I have been entered into any lottery and what or who has won. I will not be doing this again. I find it offensive that they prey on honest trusting people like us. I am not wealthy, but even if I got back my $110 that would at least make me a believer and not feel like I have been scammed.

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