Online Pharmacy Scams

Have you ever received an email boasting of great prices from an online pharmacy? Buyer beware! Many times these pharmacies operate outside of the U.S. and can take advantage of the lack of consumer protection laws. Many times these pharmacies will offer prescription drugs without a prescription, or offer to get you a prescription from one of there own doctors. The problem occurs when the drug you have received will be diluted, poor quality, medications that have been tainted, or are different drug all together. Some of these websites will start ripping you off by asking for a small membership fee, and some very personal secure information. With the prices for prescription drugs skyrocketing it is not a surprise that we would all look for better prices, but lets not forget that some deals are to good to be true! Here is a list of things to look for when using an online Pharmacy:

  1. Make sure there is a physical address and phone number for the Pharmacy.
  2. They boast of “No doctors prescription needed”,” or we will obtain one for you”.
  3. Prices are unbelievable low.
  4. Uses spam emailing.
  5. Always check the credit card processing page has a https in front of the page address (the S stands for Secure and it must contain the S).

3 thoughts on “Online Pharmacy Scams

  1. I have been scammed by online pharmacies for the last time. Now is time to bite back. I have started a forum which users can discuss pharmacy scams.

  2. Good info, was scammed a month or so ago. i have gone online to order from a pharmacy who said i didn’t need a script for whatever drug i ordered a generic form of levitra #4 OR SOME OTHER THING. Stupid me, they called me on my cell and said i must send a wire transfer immediately to some other party in costa rica, who was the doctor who could prescribe the medicine. i don’t know what i was thinking so i did it. After i came to my senses i called the people back who originally called me and told them i wanted to cancel my order and i felt this was all bullshit and if they didn’t i was going to call the police. Well they verbally threatened me and said i would pay for it. So i hung up on them. i tried to call them back and the number was disconnected, and i have been getting threating calls ever since from unavailabe numbers on my phone. I have lost money and sleepless nights over this. Most of all i don’t know what to do about it. Anyone out there please do not order anything online unless you are sure who these people are.

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