Here is a sample checklist you can print out for your parents.

Telemarketing Cheat Sheat

Ask yourself these questions

· Is this a solicitation? Yes___ No___

· Do I know this person? Yes___ No___

· Are they trying to get information? Yes___ No___

· Are they rushing me? Yes___ No___

· Are they offering Freebies? Yes___ No___

· Is this a now or never offer? Yes___ No___

· Is there a big reward with no risk? Yes___ No___

· Are they from outside the US? Yes___ No___

· Refuse to send you information? Yes___ No___

Questions to ask the telemarketer

· Who do you work for?

· Can you send me information?

· What licenses and Insurance do you have?

· What are the risks?

· What’s your Better Business Bureau number?

· Can my family be involved?

Red flag phrases:

You are an instant winner, you must act now, we need to reset your passwords, I can clean up your credit problems, you can make lots of money working from home, you have unclaimed money, Your son or daughter wanted me to call, you requested information, you have a lien on your house, you owe back taxes, can you support our charity

Click here for a printable version.


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