Freight company fraud

Well I Chris Cator the author of this blog has been ripped off big time. You would think that I would be good at sniffing out potential frauds but I got fooled. I use a company called Uship for deliveries and I accepted a bid from a company called ICON Worldwide (funny how the name is “ICON”). The shipment was to be delivered in 3 to 5 days and what a surprise it never showed up. I got excuse after excuse, and was told it will be there next week, and then next week, and then next week. Well $1800 dollars later I am out the shipping money and the $4500 dollars of products. I guess I figured that Uship screens the shippers, but I should have done my research. It is my money and I am the only one who can really protect it. I have disputed the charge with my credit card company but even if I get the $1800 back I am still out my products (for my website What can be done; nothing really. I submitted a complaint with Uship and maybe they will get rid of them as a member, but I am sure they will be off to a new scam. I guess it is easy for an outsider to detect a scam than someone who has a financial interest in the transaction. Well we will just keep trying.


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    • Phil,

      Can you let me know the governing body that I can complain to regarding a different shipping broker, I need to resolve some issues with them and they are not resolving my complaints.

      Thanks in advance.


      • Jerry,
        I’m having some problems with as well. Let’s get in touch and try to help each other.


  1. Hi Chris,

    I live in sydney australia and have used ICON WW for a shipment of a boat. We are having an issue saying that they have not paid the freight company so we have to pay shipping again. Did you get your money back. If so how. Could you please email me at I would like to help take these guys down.

  2. I am having the same problem with a company called Inter Global Express: Below are there details and we live in South Africa. we have been waiting for them to pay the company for 7 months now to release our goods. Every day they have another excuse, either their “directors” are not in or some or other rediculous excuse. They brag to be a member of AMSA which I discovered they are not.

    No. 23-1B, Jalan PBP 3/2, Tmn Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong

    47100 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

    Tel : 603-5891 7080 Fax : 603-5891 7090

    • Also we used this scam company Inter Global Express,with Ganasan T.Moorthy as representative(in fact its a family business under his wife’s name and together with his daughter Geetha)
      We moved from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta and now 5 months later we can pay again the shipment company + extra storage in the port of Jakarta + penalties from the Indonesian customs.The last ones even sent us a letter to inform us they will sell our household to recover the costs!But as long the shipment company and all the extras are not paid, they will not release at all.At the end of the day it will cost us an extra 5000 US$,above the invoice we paid already to Ganasan T.Moorthy.
      Same as i see from Christie,we had 1001 reasons from them for the delay…(even a heart attack was in their list of reasons…right)and always next week,next week,next week.
      We filed already a police report in Malaysia ,and the shipment agent in Malaysia Five Arrows SDN BHD (where this Ganasan also has a lot of debts)is helping us to gun down this gangster family!They appointed already a laywer to stop this people of doing more harm!
      Pls feel free if you want to contact us,email
      We hope they shut down this company and put those people a few years behind bars (FYI, seems Ganasan has expierence in that matter for problems in Malacca)
      We want to inform as much as can the people to take care …Doing business with them is asking for problems,and will cost you a lot of money)

      Marc & Roche


      • Apparently same hoax still going around under a new company name. After being duped and some prelim. investigation,found out that Inter Global Express is linked to and was actually owned by a Santi a/p Sappiah, Malaysian Identification no. 660116106004 who has now started a new company called Giant Mover sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia with a Seladore @ Muthu which I used for my relocation purposes to Sydney. Please be warned , actual mastermind behind the scam is Santi who used employees Ganason and Geetha as a front in Inter Global Express,Preens Relocation and Giant Movers.
        You can contact the malaysian police using her above ID to trace if your investigations are still pending.
        Last known address :
        47, Jalan PJS 5/10, Desa Ria, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

        Duped as well

    • Hi Christie,

      Hopefully you get to see this comment very soon as I have flown up to Malaysia to sort out issues with Ganasan Moorthy and my shipments. Please contact me if you can.

      He is a liar, thief and cheat.

      BEWARE GANASAN MOORTHY T as he is not to be trusted.

  3. Crap, I think I had the same scam as Christie but they have changed their name to
    NO23-1B, Jalan 3/2,
    Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong,
    47100 Puchong,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan,
    Tel : 603-5891 7080
    Fax : 603-5891 7090
    I used them in July to ship things back to the US. When I called, them in Oct, they haven’t shipped because they were moving offices. Everytime I call or email they say that they are going to ship and will email me the shipping info. Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop them? They shouldn’t be allowed to continue scamming people like that.

  4. I work for a company that does use freight as a part of their shipping. A gentlemen went through a man in our area, that contacted us to use our location for a freight pick up. We allowed them to be on our property for the loading of the freight, which was picked up by YRC. Someone, we do now know who, check marked prepaid, instead of collect. Instead of this persons customer getting the bill, my business did. We have proof the customer said he would pay, and it was a mistake. We’ve talked to the company, and everyone see’s the mistake an cannot help. We have never worked with that freight company, and had nothing to do with the shipping. The freight company only used our location for a pick up point. Any help would be great!

  5. be really careful of people trying to purchase product from you and want you to forward the money to a freight company it is actually a routing number to a bank account. We were just victims of the same scam, but we figured it out before
    they were able to get any money. If you are ever contacted or approached always double check with your merchant bank (company that handles your credit card transactions), I am so sorry about your loss…keep up the fight and good work with this blog you are warning alot of people about this scam.

  6. Hello,

    I have recetnly been scammed by I shipped a dresser, end table and one 30″x30″x 15″ box from TN to CA. It took 8 weeks and arrived VERY damaged. I have spoke with every customer service rep and finally to owner. He promises to help and then, nothing. Avoid FreightCorner at all costs. They still own me almost $1,000. Tell everyone you know to avoid them. I want ot do something about it, but there is no governing agency. Any suggestions? I have already been in contact with the BBB. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  7. Here is another Email scammer

    wayne burg

    Tried to get you to use his frieght company than rips off your credit card# and you never here from them again. His bogus freight company is

    F-Freight Line Limited
    Mr.Danso Foster (Office Manager)

    • Something similar recently happened to someone I know and it is the same “guy”

      How do we hunt these motherf***r’s down…

    • Regarding this Email Scammer by the name of Wayne Burg; he may now be operating under the name Wayne Wailliam using the shipping company name Overseas Shipping Company. The office manager of said freight company is also Mr. Danso Foster.
      He expressed an intent to purchase products and specified this shipping company to handle the freight. What triggered our suspicion was the lack of basic company information (such as address, tel. no. etc) when the freight quote was submitted.

  8. Just happen to me. I think same person. The company name they are using is Malaysia Security Warehouse. Address in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. Before that someone did called me, claim that she is from Scotland (but her English like Philipine). She want to come to visit Malaysia. She send her stuffs using the courrier service because do not want to carry a lot of things. After that on 12 October 2010, one Indian lady called me, said that I will receive one parcell and ask me to pay RM3850 for airway bills/tax/duties. I really wonder because they ask me to pay using the personal bank account. Luckyly, I did check with my friend first and I plan to lodge a police report sooner. Please be carefull.

  9. For your information Moorthy is now trading under a number of shipping company names based in Malaysia and his native home Chenai (Madras)in India. I also made the mistake of checking out the compay name and not the owners’ names to see if there were any comments about the company. Degaya and G-Lines both seemed competative bids, but then it was a bit strange both quaotes were signed by people with the same family name. Price was not so cheap, but the personal contact from the company owner was a big selling point. And of course Ganasan Moorthy or T.G. Moorthy as he is sometimes called said he was involved in so much Charity work too, who would think he was anything other than a hard working honest type. So after the 10 days expected shipping time had lapsed I called T.G. Moorthy to ask when to expect the delivery, He said It is just ready for boarding in Port Klang. It was delayed due to bad shipping conditions. Next call 1 month later was told he had been in hospital for 2 major surgery requirements after an accident. Another 2 weeks later trying to organise shipping. Another 2 weeks no reply from phone numbers. So got a quote for another shipment and got the new phone numbers from the quote. Oops Moorthy had forgot about the previous shipment. So looked at the documentation again and the e-mails and thought I would check the internet again to see if there was anything new. I could just have been very unlucky. This time used Moorty’s name and found Shanti his wife and Geethaa his daughter all mentioned. Shanti seems to manage G-Lines, she may also be caught up in Ganasans con so appologise to her if that is the case. We can all be conned by such an expert. But Ganasan is using G-Lines email address too for correspondance as well as Degayas e-mail, you would think Shanti could hide her password from her 8 month ex husband. Geethaa, their daughter, named as the person to handle complaints does not talk. I think she is a doctor in KL Hospital and also the Web designer for the bogus shipping organisations. Wouldn’t like to trust the qualifiactions she has from a University in Rumania and further training with her husband in India???
    Anyway the correct procedure when you have left Malaysia and no longer a resident to to go to the Malaysian Embassy in your country and file the complaint, then you need to find a lawyer in Malaysia ‘you can trust’. After that seems there is nothing you can do as trusting a Shipping Company with your personal belongings requires a lot more attention that I thought. Never had this problem before and shipped from many other countries in the past.

  10. Here’s another scammer

    Tried to get us to ship product to New Zealand using ( freight co. They were asking us to wire the freight company money before the pick up. The order was prepaid by credit card, but who knows who the card actually belonged to. Luckily we figured it out in time. They gave us no legitimate business addresses or telephone numbers. Beware.

  11. I am an independent jewelry designer and have been contacted by one Julie Thomas, supposedly of Simply Julie Stores LTD, which business I cannot verify. She contacted through my website wanting to make a large order, and have it shipped through a freight company called Drona Freight, which I also cannot verify. Neither business has a website, the shipper i am supposed to contact by email at I have emailed and am waiting a response. I do not want to put off a legitimate customer, but I fear this is a scam, though I can’t verify it yet. Has anyone been contacted by this particular scammer?

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