Are you good looking? Then modeling agencies want your money.

We have all heard the commercials “modeling agency coming to  the area”,  run away not towards! These  agencies  just want your money.  Here are  some of the  claims  that  these  Pseudo  modeling agency:

  1. We are very selective on who we accept into the program. The truth is they actually accept most people since they are paid on commission.
  2. We place our models in high paying ads. The truth is a small percent get jobs and they are usually low paying.
  3. We offer a money back guarantee. The truth is that they may offer a guarantee but you probably have to get a lawyer to get it.
  4. We can only use our photographers. The truth is that real modeling agencies require you to get your own photographs.
  5. We are coming to your town because we need models. The truth is real modeling agencies do not have a shortage of models, and you have to work hard and fight for jobs.
  6. We require a payment from you in advanced. Real agencies get paid when you get a job.

Remember modeling is very hard work, and although you can get discovered in areas outside New York and Los Angeles it is very rare. If modeling is your true passion then be prepared to move to one of these cities and starve for a while.wanda.jpg


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