The grandchild scam; how low will they go?

This one starts with a simple phone call. Here is a sample phone call.

Scammer: Hi grandma!

Innocent senior: Hello

Scammer: Do you know who this is?

The senior will generally say one of their grandchildrens name, once they do the scammer says yes and will then tell the senior that they need money for an emergency (got in trouble, have to pay rent, car broke down). Stressing not to tell Mom because she will be mad at the grandchild.

Innocent Senior: Chris?

Scammer:yes, I have gotten into some financial trouble and need to borrow $800 dollars for my rent.

The scammer will then instruct them to send the money via money gram or western union.

Our main suggestion would be never to volunteer any information. This is hard when they feel it is a loving member of their family. This scam can only be stopped if we can get the word out. Share this story with a friend and ask them to do the same.



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