Basic tips

Here are some tips you should always keep in mind when approached by phone, email, or even your front door:

  1. Scam artist will appear nice, caring, and will try and gain your trust.
  2. If it seems too good to be true then it probably is.
  3. Bad people may have done research about you. They can find out who you bank with, who your insurance is with, what credit cards you have, what Internet provider you use, and even who your family members are.
  4. Trust your instinct’s, if it doesn’t feel right then you need to do some research or have someone do it for you. Scammers will try and rush you and even confuse you. If they are legitimate then they will give you time.
  5. Discuss protecting yourself with your friends and family. Being prepared can be your best defense.

Together we can make a stand and maybe frustrate the bad guys for once,

Chris Cator


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